In the upcoming Summer Semester 2021, Alina Funk, Julian Burhenne and Valentin Schatz (Research Associates of Professor Dr. Alexander Proelß, Chair of the International Law of the Sea and International Environmental Law, Public International Law and Public Law) will hold a seminar on

International Dispute Settlement

for advanced students, preferably within SPB X or XII. This seminar, which will be held in English, focuses on the settlement of disputes by international courts and tribunals. Students will be introduced to the fundamental rules and principles governing international dispute settlement and to the basic procedural framework of several international dispute settlement systems. International courts and tribunals under examination will include, but are not limited to, the International Court of Justice, the Court of Justice of the EU, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, arbitral tribunals and other dispute settlement bodies such as review panels. The purpose of this seminar is to identify and discuss contemporary challenges posed to international dispute settlement, including questions of consent to jurisdiction in the face of increasingly fragmented substantive legal frameworks, procedural problems and developments, the relationship between fora in the light of increasingly overlapping jurisdiction, and charges of (il-)legitimacy. In the course of the seminar, students will also be able to improve their research methodology and academic writing skills.

There will be four sessions (10:00 – 17:00) during the semester:

  • Two sessions at the beginning of the semester
    • Introduction to international dispute settlement
    • Introduction to research methods and academic writing
  • Two sessions at the end of the semester
    • Discussion/presentation and feedback on interim results I
    • Discussion/presentation and feedback on interim results II

Following the introductory sessions, students will choose a topic for their dissertation (Seminararbeit).
Before starting out, they will be introduced to research methods and academic writing. During the closing sessions, they will meet young professionals working at some of the examined international courts and tribunals.

Each student will be paired with one of the lecturers according to their expertise and will receive guidance throughout the seminar, starting with the introductory sessions. The final two sessions will give students the opportunity to discuss their interim findings and receive feedback from the group and the lecturers. Following the last session, students may finalize and submit their dissertations. This is not mandatory for participation, but a requirement to receive the Seminarschein. Dissertations must not exceed 12,000 words (footnotes included). Subject to sufficient quality of research and writing, there may be the opportunity to receive further feedback and support in order to prepare the publication of individual dissertations.

It is possible to credit this course either as a foreign language certificate or as a seminar (in that case, a dissertation is mandatory).

Under the current regulations, and as a general measure of precaution, the seminar will be held remotely via Zoom. Details will be explained in a Zoom meeting during the first week of the lecture period, for which you are kindly requested to register by email with Alina Funk (


Seminarankündigung – IDS – SoSe 2021 (PDF)