Gastvortrag von Elia Alexiou (Paris) mit Kommentar von Prof. Dr. Stefan Oeter

Following the path of recent Global Public Law approaches and especially the Global Constitutionalism school of thought, Elia Alexiou’s talk will focus on the current coexistence of multiple public legal orders. Starting from the premise that the emerging gaps and conflicts can be highly problematic, she describes the exercise of public authority as following a „forum shopping“ logic across the different regions, sectors and levels of modern Public Law. She will then explore some possible remedies, both in the same forum shopping logic (following the fragmented and multidimensional character of the Public Law discipline) but also within the quest for a global common framework of principles (inherent in the very idea of Public Law).

Elia Alexiou is a Ph.D. candidate at Panthéon-Assas University of Paris (Paris II) and holds a research and teaching position (A.T.E.R.) at the University of Nanterre (Paris X). She was a Visiting Scholar at Columbia Law School, is a member of the Athens Bar and has some experience within the UN system, including at the New York Headquarter and UNHCR Greece. Her Ph.D. thesis „Le constitutionnalisme global: Recherches sur l’extension et l’évolution de la pensée constitutionnaliste en droit international” is scheduled to be defended in June 2017.


Montag, 16. Januar 2017, 18 Uhr

Rechtshaus, Raum A 131



Plakat (PDF)