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Bewerbungsfrist: 5. November 2018

Reisekostenzuschuss in Höhe von min. 500 Euro p.P.


This year’s successfully completed pilot program International Law Plus (IL+) enters the second round bringing ten German and ten Australian law students together to work on specific issues of international law. These 20 students will attend law courses together – in Sydney as well as in Hamburg – and will undertake joint research (online) supervised by academics from both law schools.

During next year’s IL+ summer program 2019 participants will focus one more time on international environmental law and climate change, discussing in particular instruments of "Environmental Impact Assessment": By applying a comparative perspective on developments of (potentially universal) environmental law standards as shaped by Australian and European Union law, participants will discuss innovations in both procedural and substantive law which might help to protect the environment more effectively in the future: The aim of the IL+ summer program 2019 is not only to provide students with a deeper understanding of climate change science and environmental law but also to raise prospective academic leaders’ awareness of the impacts on the daily lives of those most threatened by climate change. That was already well initiated as one tandem of this year’s group will present their essay at AELA (Australian Earth Laws Alliance) Symposium in Brisbane in the end of October 2018.


The seminar participants have to participate in three parts of the program. This applies in particular to the online work in the second part of the program. You write a term paper and hold an English-speaking seminar lecture. Close cooperation with the other participants on the Australian and German side is expected. You also have to write a review and submit it. After completion you will receive a “Seminarschein”.

All applications to be sent to: