The Institute of International Affairs is hosting a series of lectures on Public and Comparative Law this summer term with presenters being drawn from all over the globe.

We are kicking off the virtual series on April 12 at 5 pm CEST with a discussion on „The Council of Europe & the Russian Federation“ with Sergey Golubok, PhD (Human Rights Lawyer) & Dr. Isabella Risini (Universität Bochum). For more information and registration for the events, see here


April 12 (Tuesday) at 17.00 CEST
Sergey Golubok, PhD (Human Rights Lawyer) & Dr. Isabella Risini (Universität Bochum)
Topic: The Council of Europe and the Russian Federation

April 28 (Thursday) at 18.30 CEST
Dr. Lena Riemer (Yale Law School)
Topic: Law at the Border – New Borders of Law? The Role of the European Court of Human Rights in the Context of European Border Policy

Tentative: May 10 (Monday) at 18.30 pm CEST

May 25 (Tuesday) at 16.00 CEST
Munkhnaran Munkhtuvshin (Nagoya University, Japan)
Topic: Lack of Gender Diversity in East Asian Arbitration and Motherhood Studies

May 31 (Monday) at 18.30 pm CEST
Dr. Petra Sußner (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)
Topic: Claiming a Common World? Legal Mobilization and Vulnerability in the Case of Klimaseniorinnen

Tentative: June 14 (Monday) at 18.30 pm CEST

June 28 (Monday) at 18.30 pm CEST
Dr. Conor Casey (The University of Liverpool)
Topic: Common Good Constitutionalism

July 12 (Monday) at 17.00 pm CEST
Dr. Andreas Buser (Free University Berlin)
Topic: Towards a Climate Resilient European Society: Objectives and Principles of EU Climate Adaptation Law

July 26 (Monday) at 18.30 pm CEST
Prof. Sergio Verdugo (Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile)
Topic TBD Topic on Comparative Constitutional Law