3rd Biennale Hamburg Young Scholar's 

Workshop in International Law

20 – 21 September 2019

The 3rd Hamburg Young Scholars’ Workshop in International Law will be held from 20 – 21 September 2019, bringing together promising doctoral students and postdocs with a background in international law and neighboring disciplines. During the workshop, research projects in international law (e.g. a chapter of a dissertation, a draft of an article, case comments etc.) will be discussed among peers. All participants ought to exchange ideas and arguments to inspire each other and advance with their research. Public international law and common sense serve as a shared basis that will allow to discover parallel developments and similar issues in different fields of international law.

Each participant is granted 60 minutes for presentation including an in-depth discussion of the ideas and arguments brought forward.

Please submit your 300-500 words abstract as well as your CV (up to 3 pages) to workshop-PIL@uni-hamburg.de until 31 May 2019. The selection of presentations is based on the quality of the abstract, as well as its capacity to engage with the other proposals towards a collaborative academic and intellectual discussion.

Selected proposals will be announced by mid-June 2019.

The workshop takes place at the Aby Warburg Haus in Hamburg.

Please note that there is no funding available to cover travel or accommodation expenses.

Questions may be directed to Anne Dienelt (anne.dienelt@uni-hamburg.de).

We look forward to your submission!