Climate change is now at the forefront of contemporary global discourses due to the current unprecedented climate crisis resulting in urgent human rights concerns and potential conflicts over resources and displacement. Concurrently, the decolonial-turn has seen an increasing emphasis on decolonising various sectors in international structures and institutions. Understanding how decoloniality fits in with climate justice is crucial as it creates opportunities for the rectification of historical power asymmetries and offers equitable solutions rooted in justice. This seminar is designed to encourage participants to develop a critical perspective on the current climate change debate through providing a comprehensive account of the intricate and deeply historical nuances of climate justice from a decolonial lens. The overall aims of the seminar are the following:

  • To understand the decolonial context of climate justice.
  • To evaluate the conflicting interests of the Global North and South in the climate discourse.
  • To explore the role and contributions of the Global South and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in shaping climate justice.
  • To analyze relevant international and domestic case law underpinning the field of climate justice.

By integrating theoretical discussions with practical case law, the seminar aims to cultivate a robust and holistic understanding among participants. Through linking the course content to contemporary challenges and current discourses, participants will not only understand the academic underpinnings but also the practical, real-world implications of their studies. Given that climate and environmental issues will be at the forefront of many global challenges in the coming decades, this seminar offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and critical perspective on legal developments in the field.

For more information regarding the course dates and credits, search for the following course number from the Lecture List in STINE: 10-02-354 Special Area X Seminar.

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