We’re excited to offer a Trilateral IL+ Summer School Program in 2024 with an integrated Mini Moot Court together with the University of Pretoria, South Africa and with the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, Chile! Since 2018, International Law Plus (IL+) has been bringing together students from different parts of the world to work on current international law issues, both in person and online.

How it works: You decide whether you want to travel to Pretoria in March 2024 or to Santiago de Chile in May 2024. You’ll visit the respective partner university for ten days. The return visit of South African and Chilean students to Hamburg will take place in September 2024, bringing all participants together. Between March/May and September you will work online along with your tandem partner on a position paper.

IL+ enables you to explore relevant and current themes in public international law, comparing the legal perspectives from the global north and the global south. Furthermore, you can personally experience the socio-cultural contexts and differences of being based in the global north or in different parts of the global south.

Benefits for you:

• Seminar certificate (Seminarschein) or language certificate (Fremdsprachenschein)
• Exciting lectures on international and national topics
• Workshops on writing, presenting, etc.
• Strengthening of intercultural skills
• The entire program is conducted in English.
Improve your English skills!
700 € – 1.000 € scholarship for the trip


Send us your application documents and indicate your preference Pretoria/Santiago (max. one page letter of motivation, short CV, both in English) by 5 January 2024:

Need more information?

Join our online information event on 19 Dec 2023. You’ll receive the dial-in data after registration via email at international-officelaw@uni-hamburg.de

Plakat (PDF)